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About Us



At APMI, we realize that our best assets are our employees.  As you all know the most difficult job of any company is hiring the right people with right positive attitude.  We are very proud to say we feel our crews are the best in the field!  We have taken an acquisitions approach to hiring.  If you want the best people- loyal, hard working, safe, and conscious- Call APMI. Our team works together and stays together.  Through acquisitions of smaller companies that complement our philosophy we have expanded our asset base expedentually  all of our acquisitions are based on the quality of the staff.  IF YOU CANT HIRE THE BEST BUY THEM! Then the employees get to say yes too!



APMI's primary focus is on the safety of our employees, clients and general public.  Every employee is called upon to take safety seriously.

APMI takes pride in the policies and procedures it has put in place to promote safety in the workplace, including the following:


Drug Free Workplace

Weekly Safety Meetings

OSHA Training

First Aid Training

Safety Incentive Programs

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