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Property Maintenance

THE GOAL OF our PROPERTY MAINTENANCE division is for all the typical reasons your hire someone to maintain your property.  But we're special!  Our field teams have special training to recognize any SAFETY concerns and inform the proper division within our company to get your property safe again we also have a dedicated safety and loss prevention specialist who will visit your property weekly and provide a report of their findings via email.

Crack in the sidewalk? Pothole? Fallen tree? Trash in the lot? Abandoned vehicles? say "YES ,YES, YES, YES, YES with APMI."

Residential Paving

We are proud of RESIDENTIAL team! They are the best!!!  Uniformed, neat, clean, and professional. These guys will get it done.  We have compiled assets from the best local PAVING companies to provide the best service whatever your RESIDENTIAL PAVING needs may be!!  So if your looking for" your" PAVING company chances are they've joined with the best in the business- APMI.


All estimate requests are answered. Estimates are provided within 48 hours of site visit.

Commercial Paving

COMBINED with our mutual agreement with Palmer PAVING we can assist in your largest project right down to the smallest.  

Infrared repairs 

Trench PAVING 



Linestriping seal coating

ADA compliance


We can advise you on MAINTENANCE procedures that can help extend the life of your asphalt by decades in some instances.  Do the math on extending the life of your asphalt by ten years then call us and we'll show you the savings...YES, YES, YES!


Boy did we find some great people here!  With a typical 5 man crew you can expect 150 years combined experience. Need we say more!! See our projects. Talk to our clients. But call early these guys book up fast!!

We will say YES but not if you wait to late to get this in demand team!!! 

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